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Undoubtedly, the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are one of the biggest successes of the American brand making them one of the most demanded sneakers worldwide, unfortunately that produced a lot of pirated air force 1, making copies so similar that could confuse most people, so sportland has created for you this guide to know if your air force 1 are original or pirated taking some criteria recommended by legitcheckapp:

For many experts the key part to identify if some sneakers are original or not is the back, so let’s start by comparing 2 photos of the backs of the air force 1, one of an original sneakers and the other of a pirate ones.

1.4 The stitching between the sole and the upper of the sneaker is another red spot, since the pirate sneakers have a thinner and longer stitching than the originals and obviously with lower quality.

The next point to check is the famous little dove, in which you will notice how an original air force 1 will have a swoosh with a very natural curvature, while pirates generally have a more forced curvature.

How do I know if the Air Force is original?

Lateral hole pattern. In the image above you can see a pair of holes on the side of the shoe which are located between the “little dove” and the sole. While on the AF1 pirates the holes are usually almost touching the sole of the shoes, it is a very noticeably different distance between the two.

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When does the Nike Air Force 1 come out?

Launched in 1982, the Air Force 1 redefined basketball footwear from the court to the street. It was the first basketball shoe to include a Nike Air unit, but since then its innovative nature has taken a back seat to its status as an urban icon.

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These sneakers were born to fit basketball players and give them the comfort they needed. It didn’t take long for them to become famous when important NBA players started wearing them. It was from then on that the shoe’s popularity spread throughout the United States and the Nike Air Force 1 went from the basketball world to the urban style.

These sneakers stand out for their absolute comfort. Thanks to Nike Air technology, the sole of this shoe contains a pressurized air chamber that provides more flexibility and cushioning. It also allows them to weigh less, making them lighter and more comfortable.

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Whether you like to stroll down the street or be the most stylish person at the party, these shoes will bring an urban look to any outfit you decide to wear. Their unmistakable aesthetic will give you the signature look that any well-dressed dresser desires, without ever sacrificing comfort.

Not only do they adapt to all types of feet, but whatever your style, you will find your ideal option. From a more classic black and white style to a modern and innovative one, these sneakers will match any of your looks.

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The Air Force One fleet is maintained and operated in a military capacity by the Presidential Airlift Group, part of the Air Mobility Command’s 89th Airlift Wing, established at Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, Maryland. In addition, the president frequently rides in the U.S. Marine Corps helicopter, which carries the call sign Marine One, when the president is aboard.

The main passenger area is located on the second floor, and the communications equipment and cabin are located on the third floor. There are three entrances to board the aircraft. Writer Tom Harris commented:

Passengers can enter through three doors. Two doors, one at the front of the plane and one at the back, lead to the lower deck, and the one at the front of the plane leads to the middle deck. Normally, when the president is seen on the news entering or exiting Air Force One, he is using the door leading to the center deck and descends a stairway close to the plane. Reporters usually enter through the rear door, where they quickly climb a flight of stairs leading to the center deck. Most of the press area looks like the first-class section of a commercial airliner, with comfortable, spacious seating.

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